On June 14 and 15, 2003, within the calendar of activities of Club Las Águilas and with the approval of the Federation of air sports of Castilla La Mancha, it was held at the Club facilities on the road from El Casar to Mesones the Open Mock-Up and Semi-mock-up Contest for the Castilla la Mancha championship and for the Spanish championship, the first inter-territorial activity that is celebrated on the occasion of the inauguration of the new Club flight field in the above-mentioned locality.

We have the presence and collaboration, among others of the Vice President of the Federation of Air Sports of Castilla la Mancha, Mr. Angel Luis de Mesa Ruiz, as well as the Hon., Mr, Mayor of Casar and numerous public.

The weather accompanied the development of the event at all times, enjoying a slightly overcast sky on Saturday that relieved us of the suffocating heat we have been suffering in recent days, with a gentle breeze aligned longitudinally to the track that became moderate at the last minute of the afternoon. Sunday dawned clear, with calm wind and in optimal conditions for the flight.

The start of the test, although scheduled for 10.00 a.m. Saturday and despite being prepared all the facilities from the previous day, had to be postponed until 11.30. due to problems with the classification sheets, as there are not enough of them available. On Sunday, the second part of the contest scrupulously adjusted to the scheduled time, starting at 09:30 and ending the last test at 2:00 p.m.

5 models and 6 semi models of different Clubs and locations were registered, such as Ocaña, Alcázar de San Juan, Madrid, Puertollano and Alcobendas. Two teams of judges were formed, one for “static” and one for “flight” acting in the first D Ángel Luis de Mesa Ruiz, D Víctor Salido Moheda and D. Fernando Azabal García, and in the second D. Luis Gómez Cornejo, Mr. Jesús Hurtado Prats and Ms. Julia Villarejo, participating as observer judges in practices Mr. Eugenio Oliveros Benavente and Mr. Antonio Ramos Díaz.

We proceeded to the scoring of the static test within the hangar that the Club has at the Casar facilities, once the model was scored, it gave way to the flight test on the asphalted track, and it was not necessary to use the cross grass track. Thanks to the two teams of judges, the static test and a first full flight sleeve were made on Saturday morning. In view of the wind rising, it was decided to leave the other two sleeves for the next day. During the flight tests, only two incidents were recorded. In one Jorge Navarro doubled the train of his T-6 and in another Roberto Asenjo shattered his Stosser. A pity the latter, it will take time to see him again. However Roberto said he would fix it.

On Sunday, once the static part was completed, a single jury was established for the flight tests. The two remaining sleeves were made without mentioning incidents.

At midmorning on Saturday, a snack of hot skewer was offered to all those attending the event, more than eighty people among contestants, visitors and guests and at 2:30 pm the typical paella made by Club members was served. After a brief pause, the tests were restarted, ending the day at 7:00 p.m. approx. With a sky threatening rain and a wind that increased slightly in strength with some strong streak. On Sunday the grills were lit again to offer a snack in the middle of the morning and a lot of very cold drink was served to counteract the effects of the strong heat. We have a very large audience attendance very interested and amazed at the quality of the models submitted to the contest.

Three flight test sleeves were made and the winners of the contest were left: D Luis Fernando Orgaz Orgaz in the model mode and D. Francisco Escobar Briceño in the semi-model

Once the test and all its sleeves are finished. The members of Club Las Aguilas proceeded to carry out exhibition flights for the large audience, making a mock battle between two World War 2 planes, different aerobatic flights and flights of model cars.

The awards were given to the winners and at 3:00 p.m. approx. Participants, judges and organization concentrated on the El Romero restaurant in the Casar to celebrate the farewell meal.

We wish to thank the Federation of air sports of Castilla la Mancha, the Hon. The City Council of El Casar, the Diputación de Guadalajara, the Bazar Vazquez Ramírez, and all the participants to whom we also apologize for the failures and delays in which we have been able to incur more of our inexperience than of our interest and all the partners of Club that directly or indirectly that with their collaboration have helped to achieve this first test in our Club.

Classifications Models

Classification Name and surname Licentiate Club Location points
one Luis Fernando Orgaz Orgaz 360 clm Ocaña Ocaña 2,903
2 Francisco Garcia Caves 662 clm Club. A. Moose Alcazar S. Juan 2,512
3 Jorge Navarro Cows 103795 Club. Wings Madrid 2,341
4 Javier Oliveros Valle 102627 Club. Icarus Madrid 2,241
5 Juan Rafael Moraga Mayor 56 clm Puertomodel Club Puertollano 1,831
6 Roberto Asenjo Dominguez 103047 Alcobendas Club Alcobendas 1,548

Semi Model Ratings

Classification Name and surname Licentiate Club Location points
one Francisco Escobar Briceño 378 clm The Eagles of Casar The Casar 1,610
2 Pedro Sánchez Garcia Clm The Eagles of Casar The Casar 1,362
3 Jose A. Garcia Abad 385 clm The Eagles of Casar The Casar 1,178
4 Joaquin Martinez Rodríguez Clm The Eagles of Casar The Casar 509
5 Pedro Sánchez   Garcia Clm The Eagles of Casar The Casar 262