Coinciding with the celebration of the festivities of the town of El Casar de Talamanca (Guadalajara) the Las Águilas Club has celebrated its II Aeromodelling Festival that has also served to inaugurate its asphalt tracks. The festival has been a complete success thanks to the very good relations existing between the Club and the Town Hall of the town that collaborates closely with the Club and thanks to the presence of a large number of model aircraft that exceeded thirty with more than 42 models in flight. Although – and of course – the greatest participation corresponded to the members of the organizing club, it is necessary to highlight the one of the aeromodelistas coming from Icaro, Alfa, RC Alcorcón, Halcón, Pica Zumba, Boadilla Alas, Libélula, AAIA,, Madrileño, Condor (Vitoria) from which Enrique Cesar and Plaina Baixa (Castellón) moved from which Raúl Lozano moved. A table has been attached that can give an idea of ​​the level of the material and the category of the participants.

The festival was attended by models of all kinds: jet jets, models, semi-models, sailboats, trainers, tugs, electric, aerobatic, 3D and Circular Flight. With good control by the organization, the flights were happening without gaps, being able to fly the one you wanted on more than one occasion.

The jets show
The jet turbines, as expected, caught everyone’s attention from the beginning for their spectacularity. There were the F16 of Montiel, the Kangaroo of Izquierdo and Lozano and the F-15 of Zapater. It was undoubtedly Roberto Montiel who reaped the greatest applause with his flights of his F-16 with which he executed maneuvers full of softness, elegance and precision. Critical flight plane, as we confess, executed real combat flight tables with large figures with looping, eight Cuban, very flying barrel, closed turns, turns after ¾ of barrel, inverted. The flight ended with a beautiful series of slow barrels and points. The landings were simply sensational.

Javier Izquierdo has given way to the jets with a Kangaroo who has only made 5 flights but for whom he has had the advice of Montiel. He executed his flights with wide and spectacular acrobatic figures passed on the runway. Its turbine is a Jet Cat 120 with 12 Kilos of thrust. The model weighs 8 Kilos,. The retractable train is 10 Kilos Robart and wheel brakes.

The very young Raúl Lozano forms an inseparable tandem with his father, Ramón. Your Kangaroo equips an Eagle Art Jesus turbine and Gaspar Espiel auto start. The train is worked by hand by Fernandito, a true monster on the winch, Ramón told us. The fuselage is commercial but the wings are made by them. Raúl made magnificent flights characterized by the spectacularity and the courage that gives him his very short age. Ramón confessed to us that his son’s school comes from the simulator field, since he doesn’t know how to fly. Anyone would say it!

Models, sailboats, Fun, 3D, helis ….. of everything
The beauty in the construction was reflected in the models and semi-models present, which made very realistic flights, highlighting the interventions, among others, of the Margallo Tiger, the Piper J3 of M. Fernández or the asymmetric German recognition Blou & Voss 141 of Luis Cerezo who also wanted to be present at the festival. This model is a construction, to a lesser extent, of an old dream of this model maker to build it bigger. There were nostalgic ones like the Fokker CIV or the Bristol Scout and fighters like the Zero A6M, Spitfire, to name a sample.

The event also highlighted the sailboat trailer made by José Álvarez with his tugboat, a Cessna 177 from Aviomodelli, on the 4-meter Alpine Multiplex sailboat masterfully piloted by Roberto Montiel.

Good were also the flights of Antonio and David Lucena on the electric and towed flight.

Jorge Navarro presented two models a Cap232 (JR base kit) with ZDZ 40 gasoline engine and a tremendous Diabolotin XL (JR kit) with 11 servos and ZDZ 60 gasoline engine for 24/12 carbon propeller that impressed to see subject in the air .

The new trend of the Fun or 3D flight was represented on the flights from Oscar Montoya (U-Can-Do), Miguel Losada (Funtana) with a powerful Zenoah 38 or the Drafter by M. Montero. And also the F3A-X aerobatic flights of the Extra 300 of Eugenio Pérez and the Silence of Diego García in acrobatics of initiation, to name a few of them.

The helicopters also delighted those present, such as those used by Juan Carlos González with his Vario material: a Jet Copter jet helicopter (Jet Cat turbine) and the Xperience.

… and good gatherings

The Festival was characterized not only by the diversity of material, spectacular flights and the desire to please the participants but by the atmosphere that was established among those present. Tertulias were frequent in groups talking about engines, jet turbines, models, simple coaches or new projects. Tertulias that also arose when contemplating the new acquisitions, such as the new Tiger Moth at 1/3 scale of Juan S. Margallo whose engine, a Zenoah 32 with reducer, we could see in motion. Or also, that of Andrés Aylagas, who showed us the tremendous radial gasoline engine that he is going to install in his Gee Bee: a 5-cylinder RC Soucase, acquired in the USA. The engine has 215 cc and it will undoubtedly be a pleasure to see you work in flight.

As singular details it is necessary to highlight the phenomenal exhibition of flight that Luis Cid made in circular flight, approaching and showing a specialty that – unfortunately – is not lavished much by the flight fields despite the level that our country has in circular level flight international. He equipped an old Super Tigre 46 that had not flown since 1996 with which he executed a complete acrobatic board. Many young model airliners did not give credit to what their eyes were seeing in the evolution of the “Climb” flight in a circle controlled only by 2 cables.

Las Águilas Club has one of the best aeromodelling facilities in our country. With a number of partners close to 60, José Manuel Sánchez Girón, its president, told us that the land has been rented for 15 years. It has a paved track of 200 x 11 meters, another parallel of grass of 275 m, another cross of 250 x 23 m. wide, toilets, light, hangar and social club. The Club belongs to the Federation of Castilla la Mancha and in the face of a not too distant future they do not rule out the possibility of organizing large events, even at European level.

We predict this club a great future for its magnificent facilities but, above all, for its human component since they were undone in attention with all participants. And as! congratulate José Antonio Abad “Brunn” who prepared a great paella that we all tasted at the end of the event (70 people). Congratulations.

Roberto Montiel The Eagles F-16 Jet
Alpina Magic Sailboat
Javier Izquierdo Alpha Kangaroo Jet
Raul Lozano Plana Baixa Kangaroo Jet
Fernando Zapater The Eagles F-15 Eagle Jet
A. Fernández The Eagles / Foraventos Zero A6M Semimaqueta
Luis Cerezo RC Alcorcón Blou & Voss 141 Model
Juan Sánchez Margallo Icarus Tiger moth Model
Paco García-Cuevas Icarus Bucker Jungmann Model
Javier Gonzalez RC Alcorcón Fokker C IV Semimaqueta
Jorge Navarro AAIA Chap 232 Acrobatic
Diabolotin XL 3D Fun
Jose Alvarez The Eagles Cessna 177 Tug
Slipper Autogiro
Antonio Lucena Hawk Swiff Electric flying wing
David Lucena Hawk Mega Towed sailboat
read Electric trainer
Enrique Cesar Condor Corsair F4 Semimaqueta
F16 Electric foam
J. Carlos González RC Alcorcón Jet Copter Vario Jet helicopter
Xperience Vario FAI / 3D helicopter
Oscar Montoya The Eagles U-Can-Do 3D
Marcos Montero RC Boadilla Drafter 3D
Miguel Losada Madrid RC Funtana 3D
Luis Cid Fuentes Pica Zumba Climb Circular flight
Vicente Montoya The Eagles Super rochen Flying Wing
Extra 300 Acrobatic
Angel Lopez The Eagles Guedejin-X 3D
Manuel Fernandez The Eagles Piper J3 Model
Jesus Martinez The Eagles Sharp II-45 Aerobatic trainer
Diego Garcia RC Boadilla Bristol Scout Semimaqueta
Stuka Semimaqueta
Silence Acrobatic
Marcos Montero RC Boadilla Tweny Semimaqueta
Mustang Fun-Fly Tables
Zbiguiw Bezozka Torrejón wings PSI Fun fly
Eugenio Pérez The Eagles Extra 300 Acrobatic F3A-X
Pedro Jimenez The Eagles Spitfire Semimaqueta
José Luis Fraga The Eagles Sailboat Sailboat
Gerard Deveraud The Eagles Commet Acrobatic
Michelangelo Diaz The Eagles Ion Electric glider
Fco. Jos and Sanchez Dragon-fly Spacewalker Semimaqueta
Jesus Ramos The Eagles Own construction Sport