On December 7, 2003, the first model airplane market was held. The purpose of this initiative was that everyone who wantedbuying and / or selling that material that is no longer used or that was bought and never used, had a place to do it. It was also intended that anyone who wanted to spend a day among model airliners, talking about what we like, having a snack, etc. I could do it. As you can see in the photographs, the event has been a success, despite the bad weather it did the day before and that took place in the middle of a bridge. Airplanes, engines, propellers, etc. have been sold. Television Guadalajara has covered the news, making us a report, which we hope to show you shortly. Of course, the club invited attendees to a great warm broth and a skewer of bacon and sausage.

The club hopes to be able to repeat this same event in two months, where you will be invited to all the model airliners to come to our II market. The date will appear in our event guide.

We can only thank all the people who have come their effort to participate in the Market.