Las Águilas club has more than 30 years of history. It started at the old base that the air army had in Alcala de Henares. For many years, the club carried out many activities at the Alcalá de Henares parties. In fact, many Alcalainos received their flight baptism at the club. Despite the construction of the three prisons, that of Minors, La Militar and High Security, better known as Alcalá-Meco, the air festivals continued and only the laziness of the politicians on duty, caused those great festivals to be left in the forgetfulness

The land became the property of the University of Alcalá. For years there were a good coexistence between the club and the University. Until the month of February 2002, in which we were banned from executing flights for the construction of a park technological. The University of Alcalá, which previously assured us that it would let us practice our sport in adjoining grounds, failed to comply with what was said and left us in the Street. The city council gave us some inappropriate land at the head of the Torrejón’s base and the club almost disappeared. In the month of May 2002, the club achieved the transfer of magnificent facilities in the Casar in the province of Guadalajara. Such facilities was a Ultralight club and were perfectly fit for the development of our hobby.

The economic effort on the part of the partners was substantial, but we also got make a sieve between those who really love this sport and this club, and those who don’t. Thanks to the efforts of all partners and some contributions from the municipality of El Casar, we have obtained enough money to have first class facilities.

Las Águilas Club has its facilities in the province of Guadalajara, on the road between El Casar and Mesones, at Km 2.5. By decision of all partners,

The club has a limit on the number of members of 70 people.

Today we have a waiting list in case there are casualties among current members or if it is decided to expand the number of members.

The facilities that the club currently has are: toilets with water, electricity, social club, hangar, guest parking in regard to the amenities offered by the club.


In the aeromodelistic, we have a paved taxiing line 22 meters by 4 meters wide. The boxes are covered by a structure 20 meters long by 4 deep and a cement screed.

The tracks are undoubtedly the strong point of the club, we currently have a main flight of 200 Mts. by 10 wide asphalted with access from equally paved boxes. Next to this track there is another one of grass of 200 Mts by 20 wide. Crossed to the main track we have a second track of 275 Mts. by 30 wide grass.

Currently the Board of Directors of Las Águilas Club is composed of the following people:

President: Ricardo Rodríguez Menchero

Vice President: Jorge Alonso Romero

Secretary: Bodo Schulz

Treasurer: Pablo Yarur Said

Vocal: Jesús Cardín

Member: Jose Álvarez